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Scooterson connected watch


The body-gesture-controlled Scooterson has no acceleration lever or gear changer. It simply understands how fast you want to go using patent-pending technology.


You start as you would riding a regular kick-scooter: first kick – gear one, second kick shifts to gear two, then simply sit for gear 3.


The Scooterson App will automatically start Rolley when you are within activation range, using its knowledge of your daily habits it can then predict and suggest your most likely destination. With use, Predictive Routing becomes increasingly accurate and is used by other smart features to increase energy efficiency and safety, based on riding patterns, rider profile and surrounding terrain.

Scooterson Smart


The Scooterson App will adapt power and torque settings to perfectly match with remaining battery levels. In this way that you are able to ride at peak performance without draining the batteries before arriving at your destination.


The flipside is that when the battery is low, the app will drop the settings to an energy conservation mode that will allow you to arrive at your destination before the battery dies.

Energy Efficient

The more you ride Rolley, the more information the Scooterson App will gather and store in the cloud. After a while, by leveraging this data, it will create a new optimised powertrain profile, based on your riding patterns, your weight and surrounding terrain specifics.


You can have multiple powertrain profiles, optimised for better performance or for more range.

Scooterson Minimalist

First Limited Edition


Copyright © 2017 Scooterson INC. All rights reserved.


Copyright © 2017 Scooterson INC. All rights reserved.