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Scooterson Intuitive

Watch the intelligent features.

Watch the intelligent features.

The first 300. Limited Edition.

Soon in selected cities.
  • Monthly Subscription

  • $99/month
  • Subscription-based ownership with theft insurance and unlimited maintenance included.
Soon in selected cities.
  • Yearly Subscription

  • $999/Year
  • Subscription-based ownership with theft insurance and unlimited maintenance included.
First 300 for just $1990 Reserve now!
  • Own a Scooterson

  • $2490
  • Fully own your ride. Buyback program available to keep your Scooterson new and shiny.

Only a few left from first batch. Reserve yours now!

Only a few left from first batch. Reserve yours now!

How does Scooterson accelerates without an acceleration lever ?

There’s no need for a gear shifter, nor an acceleration lever. You start as you would riding a regular kick-scooter, the gesture control system will detect your body as it moves: first kick – gear one, second kick shifts to gear two, then simply sit for gear 3. What could be easier than this?

What's the range ?

On Full Power setting it will go about 30miles (50km) with one charge. However, this may depend on rider’s weight, driving style and terrain specifics. On Eco mode it could go up to 45 miles (70km)

How fast does it go ?

Scooterson will be shipped with speed limits settings according your country regulations, from 15 mph (25 km/h) to 20 mph (32 km/h)

What is Scooterson's frame made of and why is so unique ?

Scooterson’s frame is made using magnesium alloys or aerospace grade aluminium alloys and Carbon/Diolen/Kevlar Reinforced Polymer. The aluminium tubing is Free-Formed in Switzerland. Free-Forming is a technology that allows bending complex geometry with no straights. The aluminium tubes are bent in a succession of radii that enhances the structural stiffness of the frame and allows for an organic design and look. The rest of the aluminium components are CNC machined from aerospace grade billet aluminium or magnesium alloy. The tubing and the rest of frame’s aluminium components are bonded together with a adhesive that is 3 times harder that welding. We wanted to avoid welding because it adds on extra weight and also, it would affect the aesthetics of the vehicle. Mudguards, floor and belly are made from Carbon Reinforced Polymer, a sandwich of Carbon/Diolen/Kevlar sheets pre-impregnated with epoxy resin and oven cured at high temperatures.

But where are the motor and the batteries ?

Scooterson has a direct-drive, brushless hub motor inside the rear wheel. The direct-drive motor is very silent compared to geared motors and is also maintenance free. The batteries, electronics and other components are located in the floor. The silent propulsion makes Scooterson almost pass as a human powered vehicle that magically rolls farther than it should.

How does it charge ?

Scooterson can be charged by plugging it in any standard power outlet. It takes about three hours to fully charge the battery. Also, the battery can be swapped with a charged one.

What about theft prevention ?

Scooterson has a complex anti-theft system. Wheels are automatically blocked and alarm goes off if moved from parked position and the built in GPS can be tracked live on your mobile device if stolen.

What is Subscription-based Ownership?

Subscription-based is a new approach to vehicle ownership, that will allow to acquire the scooter for a fixed monthly fee that covers all costs of ownership like maintenance, theft insurance and all other posible taxes on your country or town. Of course, it comes with unlimited mileage.

Cool, how can i get one ?

The smarter approach for the urban rider.

The smarter approach for the urban rider.

Scooterson friendly inteface

The first 300. Limited Edition.


Copyright © 2017 Scooterson Inc. All rights reserved.


Copyright © 2017 Scooterson Inc. All rights reserved.