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Scooterson Connected iPhone

Always connected

Scooterson connects to smartphones and smart-watches to display speed, battery status, ride statistics and other traffic-relevant data acquired from the cloud.


The App is continously tracking the status of your scooter and connects to the cloud to receive rider’s optimised and personalised torque and power settings, as well as software updates.


Using the App, your friends and colleagues can request access to use your Rolley. The cloud-based sharing management system will send you a notification to ask you to grant them access. The app will unlock your Rolley, pairing it with your friend’s smartphone and allowing the use all the predefined features accessible to a guest user. The system will notify your friend with the length of time they have available to use the vehicle, and will remind them as this is coming to an end.

Ecooterson easy to ride

Multiple owners

Scooterson app allows you, your family and best friends to own and share one or more scooters. When a scooter is marked as available and a user is entering the predefined radius, the Scooterson App will notify him where to find the vehicle.


You don’t need to worry about the safety of your scooter. Your smartphone or watch acts as a key, when the device is located within the predefined auto lock-unlock range. The security mode will automatically activate when you leave a short distance from the scooter. The built-in GPS signal can be tracked live on the owner’s mobile device if the vehicle is stolen.

Scooterson Minimalist Design

First Edition. Limited Availability.


Copyright © 2017 Scooterson Inc. All rights reserved.


Copyright © 2017 Scooterson Inc. All rights reserved.