For the past century, humans have enjoyed travelling on 2 wheels. But now, the automobile has taken over our cities and lives. Our mission is to reverse this and change the way we ride around the cities by bringing back the two-wheeler and make the last-mile transportation enjoyable and fun again.


But who will want the two-wheeled vehicles if they remain dumb in the era of self-driving cars, shared-mobility and A.I.?


This was the starting point for us at Scooterson; we set out to merge the best of design and technology into an aesthetically pleasing but highly functional and sustainable mode of transport.


Scooterson is the intelligent electric kick-scooter that understands and enhances the rider’s experience, whilst maximizing energy efficiency and safety.

We are Scooterson

Mihnea de Vries

Founder & CEO

Mihnea is a serial entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in tech, marketing and film. From 1996, when he launched the first ISP in his hometown, through directing TV ads, pioneering aerial cinematography drones, or leading content advertising, Mihnea is always looking for the next challenge. His latest quest is to change the way of how we ride around the cities.

Flavius Balaj

Founder & VP of Manufacturing

Flavius has 20 years’ experience in corporate management and entrepreneurship. After succeeding in industrial construction and real estate investments, Flavius is turning his focus into tech innovation, in the areas of electric transportation and leading the manufacturing at Scooterson.

Deepansh Jain

Co-founder & VP of Technology

Deepansh Jain co-founded Shifu, an A.I. assistant App with 1.5 million  active users, which got acquired by PAYTM (Alibaba) in Jan 2016 for $8m. At Scooterson he will bring A.I and shared mobility together.

Ionut Predescu

Industrial Designer

Ionut is an industrial designer with more than eight years of product development experience, and his background combines technical and artistic aspects. His areas of interest include human-powered and electric vehicles, ergonomics, lifestyle products and design for manufacturing.

Pavel Kiss

Full Stack Developer

Pavel has more than 20 years of experience in both coding and dev-ops. He started a long time ago, playing with machine code in a ZX spectrum to make electronic music tracks. His expertise range from kernels to network architecture, from classic PHP frameworks to new things like Meteor. He is a retired star trooper with happy coding fingers.


Copyright © 2017 Scooterson Inc. All rights reserved.


Copyright © 2017 Scooterson Inc.. All rights reserved.